Five Tool Apparel

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the turnaround time for production?

We strive to get your custom items out on average of 15 business days. There are times however during peak season that this turned around maybe up to 21 business days. Trust us it will be worth the wait!!

Where are you located?

Five tool apparel homebase is located in Fort Worth Texas. We also have a factory in the Dominican republic that helps produce the finest quality uniforms on the market.

Are sizing kits available?

We will gladly ship you a sizing kit for a small deposit of $100. Once your order is placed simply return the kit to us and we will deduct the deposit amount off your invoice. Sizing kits are a great way to ensure your players will receive the proper fitting uniforms.

Do you have a sponsorship program?

Absolutely!! Five tool apparel donate uniforms to qualifying teams and organizations that fit the needs of what we are looking for. Contact For more information.

Do you have a minimum reorder requirement?

No not at all. Once you are in the system at five tool apparel we can produce a minimum of one piece for your team. The only exception to this rule would be on a custom hat order which we may require up to 24 pieces. However we will try to accommodate all requests that you may have.